Stay On Track Program

If you’re forging a new path in life (especially in dating!) and need some love, hand-holding, support and a little challenging along the way, this is where ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING comes into play. 

And this is where I help you shine and keep growing! 

Knowledge and awareness is simply not enough, without accountability most people struggle with the consistency needed to reach their goals. You need someone there to help you through the hard times, to talk you out of the negative loops playing in your head, and to coach you in how you can move forward with your romantic life!

Here’s what you’ll get in the Accountability Program: 

  • 1 hour introduction strategy call 
  • 1 hour action planning session
  • Online dating profile consultation
  • Personal Styling & photoshoot (optional / additional fee)
  • Quick 20-30 minute weekly calls to help you stay on track of your action plan (extended calls available)
  • Between coaching calls, submitting pictures of activities you take part in
  • Date Consultation and communication guidance
  • New relationship qualifying

I require a 3 month (minimum) commitment to the program. This allows me to help you create strategic action plans you can live your life by and to understand the inner workings of your mind. Believe me, it’ll be worth it when you walk out of the program a new person!

Ready to be accountable on your journey to finding lasting love?

Let's Chat

Life gets busy, dating can become exhausting and it's all too easy to fall back into some old patterns. Without proper support it can be challenging to continuously move upwards towards what we really desire. Let's set up a time to go over your specific challenges and see if I'm the right fit to support you.