About Me

Oh Hello Lover!

I’m Mimi Lauzon and I live, breathe, and bleed for romance! I’m known as the ‘Luv Thug’ because I empower brilliant singles to harness their inner badass to conquer their fears, achieve their relationship goals, and never settle for anything less! 

I am a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Conscious Dating® Coach, Matchmaker, Holistic Image Consultant, and Ordained Minister. I am so passionate about my work, a client once said I’m not a glass half-empty or half-full gal — I’m a glass OVERFLOWING kinda gal! (Best. Compliment. Ever). 

How did I get here?

Growing up without a father affected me in some very destructive ways with my ‘story of abandonment’ playing out in all of my relationships. From a young age, I read numerous books on relationships, dating, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), seduction, the Law of Attraction, psychology, and personal development. My mother is a coach and NLP Master, Rebirther, and lifelong meditator who would test out her methods and techniques on me, even coaching me in search of my purpose during my life’s lows. So as a second generation coach, I have experienced first hand how nearly magical coaching is!

My Journey

When I was married years ago, I thought ‘This is it, I’ve achieved true romance in life!’ Unfortunately, I quickly learned how relationships reflect all the aspects of our own personality we need to work on. Like all marriages similar conflicts started to repeat and I knew we weren’t equipped to solving the issues ourselves so I tried to encourage my husband to attend counselling with me, but his views on therapy prevented us from seeking the help we needed. After the tireless battle, my heart became full of resentment which resulted in me to connecting with someone outside of the marriage and it seemed like leaving was the only answer.  Turns out my next relationship was equally incompatible, go figure. It was a reality I never expected to have. Chaos ensued, as we tried to make it work anyways and despair inevitably followed. I knew I was the common denominator in all my relationships and I needed to end the madness! 

Through it all, it made me realize all the work I needed to do on myself. It lead me down a path of self-discovery, radical self-acceptance, healing and a lot of uncomfortable shadow work. This pushed me to take a good long look at myself in the mirror of personal development, leading me to the Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI) and the Conscious Dating® Program. Basically, it was my 'Trainwreck to Triumph' part of my life because after 20+ years of relationship and dating experience, it revealed my life’s purpose and now, I have fallen in love with helping others find love. It wasn’t an easy path but it was all part of life training me to serve others with the wisdom, humility and deep passion needed to serve.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, believe me, I HAVE BEEN THERE. Probably even more than once. As an expert in the field of dating and relationships, paired with my personal experience, you will feel understood and supported throughout the program. 

Let me be your loving and honest guide throughout the process and I will provide you with a safe environment so you can take the steps towards the most rewarding journey of your life. 

If I can do it, so can you!

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