Are you ready for lasting love?

Oh Hello!

I'm Mimi, nice to meet ya!

I’ve spent years helping people live richer, more joyful lives. I’ve seen first hand how nearly magical coaching is. Hands down, it’s the best way to bring people into their happiest selves. Pair that with my Matchmaking experience and sprinkle on some Image Consulting - and you got yourself feeling like your ultimate version! When you feel your absolute best and you are equipped with the tried and tested tools of the Conscious Dating Program, my dear, there is no reason why you can have the best time finding your person!

As a coach I help you find inspiration, hold you accountable, and help you unleash your potential in an entirely new way. Coaching helps you organize your thinking in a manner that moves you forward powerfully and strategically without wasting time or energy. It helps you look at the world with a new perspective and take action to create the results you seek!

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Happy People


Cori // Bali

"Mimi helped me understand that the only way for me to have a genuinely happy life is by living authentically and filling my time with things I love. I have let go of the limiting beliefs that made me think I had to stay in Vancouver and have opened myself up to whole new paradigm of possibility. I’m very grateful to Mimi. Without her guidance I don’t know when or if I ever would have had the courage to follow my heart."


Lisa // Seattle

"After doing the conscious dating program, online dating became an actually enjoyable experience! Now I’m currently dating an amazing person who aligns with the key personal values that are important to me. If you are even the slightest bit ready to examine your life and help yourself move to the next level, then jump on the Mimi bandwagon, you won’t regret it. "


Steph // Vancouver

"Mimi's natural ability to really understand my wants and needs has resulted in successfully matching me up with my current partner, who shares the same ideals in life goals, family and love. Mimi has also given me tools and techniques that have allowed me to grow into a better person, allowing me to better develop long lasting meaningful relationships."